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International Independent Decentralized Invoice Network

We help our customers to reduce the costs of processing of invoices by more than 90%.

Rainer Kandlhofer

E-invoices as simple as paper invoices


Save time.

With difacturo the invoice recipient and the tax consultant receive the invoice at the same time. Means for you, full concentration on your business.

Save money.

For A/R invoices and A/P invoices you can save more than 90% of the costs compared to a paper invoice. All invoices are stored in a secure archive.

Save nerves.

No more discussions about whether someone has received an invoice or not. No annoying phone calls, no forwarding of a copy. For you the money is faster on your account.

As simple as installing a printer

Automatic invoice ledger for all types of invoices

Connect our API with many other platforms

Automatic tax reports

For any company size


Our e-invoice


With the OpenSource software and the network of difacturo, it is possible for the first time that all participants of an e-invoice process work with one and the same document, with the result that there is no possibility for incorrect entries or manipulation.


Difacturo Private

The convenient app solution for all consumers – no more paperwork, no more misplaced warranty bills. The right to electronic invoicing becomes a simple reality in all stores thanks to a central app.


Difacturo Business

From the one-woman show to the long-established company – thanks to Difacturo, every company can now send, receive, manage & store e-invoices easily, 100% securely and legally compliant – and save a lot of money at the same time.


Difacturo Enterprise

The customized solution for large corporations with many invoices. We make sure that all your suppliers issue electronic invoices from now on and that the invoice process is integrated into their existing accounting software – e.g. SAP.


Difacturo Government

The independent e-invoice development for states and international organizations meets all requirements and standards for innovative e-government and electronic official and invoice channels. The big advantage: system and supplier independent.



difacturo is an international independent decentralized network for invoices.

Audit-proof cloud archive.

The cloud archive guarantees a 10-year retention period in accordance with legal requirements.

Highly secure data centers.

All invoices are stored in a highly secure data center, only you control who can access them.

End-to-end encryption.

The communication is completely encrypted. Only you determine who is allowed to read an e-invoice based on the cryptography.

Invoice format conversion.

In the meantime there are already many e-invoice formats.
You just maintain which e-invoice format the recipient wants to use and we take care of the rest.

What our customers say

Your advantages - our promise

Difacturo is based on the Blockchain technology and offers an unprecedented solution, the
Invoicing process completely – end-to-end – encrypted and digitally mapped.

Cost reduction
around 90%

Simplification through fully digital invoice process

Counterfeit- & Maniplation-proof

Audit-proof archiving in the cloud

Cross-border electronic invoice exchange

Suitable for large companies, medium-sized businesses and one-person companies

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