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SiliconAlps difacturo

SiliconAlps difacturo 67. Digitaldialog | Hot Topic: Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

On September 17, 2019, the 67th Digital Dialogue on the trend topic "Blockchain beyond Bitcoin", which was organized by Silicon Alps, took place this time at the TU Graz in front of a broad audience. The evening was hosted by Ulfried Paier, moderator and managing director of the Raiffeisen computing center.
published on 25-09.2019 SiliconAlps

Cordis EU

CORDIS EU Research Results

The Unique International Independent Decentralized Invoice Network. The advent of the digitalised era is introducing new methods, making business transactions easier, faster and more reliable. For instance, the e-invoice represents a rising trend in the existing market. However, it is not yet a standard option in the EU due to a wide range of obstacles.

Austria Forum Artikel TU Graz

Austria Forum TU Graz Against the paper chaos

"Need a bill?" The movement is an Austrian classic. The message probably does not need to be explained. Admittedly, this has since become the coloring of a sunken era. Today, one hears completely different tones from many companies, such as this or that complaint about overregulation and high administrative costs, where the state imposes regulations on companies.
published on 14.05.2019 by Martin Krusche

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trend Difacturo: When invoices become electronic

The start-up DiFacturo uses Blockchain to accelerate the verification process of invoices by issuing and archiving them digitally.
published on 20. 3. 2019 by Arne Johannsen

Logistik Express

retail Cheap invoices thanks to Blockchain

difacturo is a secure network for electronic invoices that is suitable for any size of company - from EPUs to medium-sized businesses to large enterprises.
published on 04.2018 by Harald Sager

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Trending Topics Styrian e-bill start-up difacturo wins six-figure investment from Germany

The Styrian start-up difacturo has obtained fresh capital from investors. The Munich-based document software specialist CIB, together with the Austrian funding agency FFG, has invested over half a million euros in the Gleisdorf-based start-up company. Difacturo wants to develop an e-billing solution that fits perfectly into the portfolio of CIB.
published on 06.09.2018

der brutkasten article

the Difacturo 500,000 euro capital boost for Styrian FinTech start-up

The FinTech start-up Difacturo from Gleisdorf in Styria has developed a system for e-invoicing. From FFG and the German investment company CIB there was now more than 500,000 Euro capital
published on 03.09.2018

Ideentriebwerk Article


The next issue of the terrific Startup Playground is coming up again. From November 10th to 12th we will transform the SPACELEND into the center of the Styrian start-up scen
published on 01.11.2017 by Werner Sammer

Presse Article

Presse Start-up Profile: Blockchain for invoices

The start-up DiFacturo uses Blockchain to accelerate the verification process of invoices by issuing and archiving them digitally.
11.07.2017 um 07:30 from Charlotte Weber

gruenderland Article

Gründerland St difacturo: Electronic invoices without pit stop

Revolutionizing the invoicing process from Styria - that is the goal of the FinTech start-up difacturo. The team around founder Rainer Kandlhofer offers a solution that can quickly, securely and cost-effectively transport electronic invoices from sender to recipient - between companies, but also to end customers.
published by Werner Sammer

Forbes article


Large companies, SMEs and private individuals should be able to exchange invoices electronically via a network based on open source software.
published on 2017-11-02 by Forbes Editors

EU Startups difacturo

EU Startups difacturo

Business Description: International Independent Decentralized Invoice Network. The mission of difacturo is to simplify e-invoicing. We help our customers to reduce the costs for the handling of e-invoices by more than 90%.