E-invoice and digital transformation

Definition of e-invoice

The e-invoice is the first step in the digital transformation. The definition of an e-invoice is an invoice that has been produced digitally and transported electronically. This means that an email with a PDF that displays an image of an invoice is an electronic invoice. For a company that processes its invoices automatically, it makes no difference whether it needs to scan an image from an email or an invoice on paper.


In the times of the DSGVO it is at least questionable to send invoices by email, apart from that it also seems questionable if companies protect their trade secrets such as suppliers, customers, product prices, purchase prices, conditions and more from public access via firewall in order to write the same information into a publicly accessible email system. The complete e-invoice process starts with the document creation. We help our customers to convert their suppliers to structured e-invoices. Invoicing costs for suppliers are reduced by more than 90% compared to paper, and the cost of invoice processing for our customers tends towards zero. For a company that processes its invoices automatically, it makes no difference whether it needs to scan an image from an email or an invoice on paper.

Only one of these invoices is smart!

difacturo invoice

Structured invoice.

PDFs with embedded XML do not require coordination with the customer. The PDF can be processed as usual or the XML can be read by most ERP and accounting systems without errors.

ZOOM Testrechnung

Image based invoice.

Searchable PDFs are still the exception as the rule. In most cases, the invoices with OCR procedures have to convert the images into text, which of course is not without errors.

In times of digital transformation, most invoices are still images of invoices. No matter whether images on paper or images in a PDF, both variants must be digitized at great cost in order to capture the data digitally.

Rainer Kandlhofer

Document creation

In order to ensure that the invoicing process is fully digital and end-to-end, we provide tools for e-invoice creation.


For the generation of structured electronic invoices, a single-user version is available as a virtual printer driver for smaller companies and a highly scalable document server for larger companies.

Transport and Archive

The transport of information in the difacturo system is also the audit-proof archive in the cloud.

Connection to ERP systems

Connectors are available for the most important ERP systems.

Business Connector

The invoice format used is ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide Forum elektronische Rechnungen Deutschland) with embedded XML to comply with VAT legislation.



Electronic structured invoice

The invoice on the left is a PDF with embedded XML.

Modern ERP and accounting systems can record these fully automatically and error-free without human intervention.

E-invoices as simple as paper invoices


Save time.

With difacturo the invoice recipient and the tax consultant receive the invoice at the same time. Means for you, full concentration on your business.

Save money.

For A/R invoices and A/P invoices you can save more than 90% of the costs compared to a paper invoice. All invoices are stored in a secure archive.

Save nerves.

No more discussions about whether someone has received an invoice or not. No annoying phone calls, no forwarding of a copy. For you the money is faster on your account.


Electronic Invoice.




PDF with embedded XML according to CII (Cross Industry Invoice) of UN/CEFACT




XML invoice format for all public sector clients in Germany.




Hybrid format PDF and XML, identical to ZUGFeRD 2.0 Compatible with the European Norm 16931.



Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine is an international project for public procurement procedures within the European Union.


Fattura PA


XML invoice format Fattura PA applies to all invoices between companies and public authorities




XML invoice format is the Austrian standard for e-invoices to authorities.



difacturo is an international independent decentralized network for invoices.

Audit-proof cloud archive.

The cloud archive guarantees a 10-year retention period in accordance with legal requirements.

Highly secure data centers.

All invoices are stored in a highly secure data center, only you control who can access them.

End-to-end encryption.

The communication is completely encrypted. Only you determine who is allowed to read an e-invoice based on the cryptography.

Invoice format conversion.

In the meantime there are already many e-invoice formats.
You just maintain which e-invoice format the recipient wants to use and we take care of the rest.

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