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International Independent Decentralized Invoice Network

We help our customers reduce invoice processing costs by more than 90%.

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Your suppliers will love sending you electronic structured invoices!

With the tools of difacturo, we create a win-win situation for you and your suppliers.

difacturo is the secure international network for electronic invoices, suitable for any company size. The difacturo Invoice Network enables a fully digital invoice processing without media discontinuity and simplifies invoicing and invoice receipt.

Regardless of the size of your company or the ERP systems used, you can easily send and receive electronic invoices in all necessary formats.


ZUGFeRD stands for Central User Guide Forum electronic invoice Germany www.zugferd.de and is a hybrid invoice, a PDF / a-3 with embedded XML. For more information, see www.zugferd.de.

Many solutions that use automation in accounting accept a media break. They need to scan paper invoices as well as PDF invoices if they want to process them automatically.

The perfect e-invoicing solution for all needs

01 Difacturo Private

The convenient app solution for all consumers – no more paperwork, no more misplaced warranty bills. The right to electronic invoicing becomes a simple reality thanks to a central app in all shops.

02 Difacturo Business

From the one-woman show to the long-established company – thanks to Difacturo, every company can now send, receive, manage & store e-invoices easily, 100% securely and legally compliant – and save a lot of money at the same time.

03 Difacturo Enterprise

The tailored solution for large corporations with many invoices. We make sure that all your suppliers issue electronic invoices immediately and that the invoice history is integrated into their existing accounting software – e.g. SAP or BMD or MS Business Central etc.

04 Difacturo Government

The independent e-bill development for states and international organizations fulfills all specifications and standards for innovative e-government and electronic official and invoicing channels. The big advantage: system and vendor independent.

Do whatever you want with your e-Invoice.

Printing and processing as a paper document

Processing and archiving

Automatically process electronically

Your safety our technology

Blockchain Archive

Transaction-based accesses

Cybersecurity through a decentralized system

With the Open Source software and the difacturo network it is possible for the first time that all parties of an invoice process work with the same document, so that there is no possibility for incorrect entries or manipulations.

Your advantages our promise

difacturo is based on blockchain technology and offers an innovative solution to completely encrypt and digitally map the invoicing process, i.e. end-to-end.

Cost reduction by 90 %

Simplification through fully digital invoicing process

Counterfeit & Tamper-proof

Audit-proof archiving in the cloud

Cross-border electronic invoice exchange

Suitable from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises up to one person company