Our Vision

We will be the first international independent decentralized network for electronic invoices that can easily, quickly and inexpensively transport e-invoices from A to B system-independently.

Our mission

Thanks to our standardization methods, the solution can be used efficiently from the smallest entrepreneur to the corporate group.
Our nodes (peers) are distributed globally, whereby we also cooperate with local partners as node operators in each customer region.
Although the focus in the first phase is on the European market, we are consistently working on placing our solutions globally.

We form a network for our customers and partners to simplify automatic invoice processing.

Based on blockchain technology of the 3rd generation (Hyperledger), we offer our customers the possibility to carry out a secure, simple and cost-effective data exchange with their business partners.


Difacturo_Founding team_Cib_Invoicing solutions-electronic-invoices

f.l. Wolfgang Lamot – CTO of difacturo, Ulrich Brandner – CEO of CIB Software GmbH, Rainer Kandlhofer – CEO of difacturo and Frank Seboldt – Product Manager at CIB.

Two companies that found each other to complement each other. The CIB with the focus on product development and project business of document-based solutions and difacturo with the focus on an e-invoice solution.

The long-standing know-how of CIB in the project business of the banking and insurance sector and the office in Munich offers difacturo good access to international markets. We jointly develop products to generate, manage and send e-bills, to make them available via the difacturo network and to adapt them to country-specific requirements.



Everyone is talking about e-bills to the federal government, and large companies have been dealing with this problem for more than 30 years (EDIFACT). difacturo has taken up this problem and created a solution for all company sizes.


Tools for document generation

As a sales partner of CIB, we sell and install the products that CIB has developed with its many years of expertise in the document life cycle. Further information on the products can be found at www.cib.de


Blockchain Know-how

New technologies often open up unexpected possibilities. Based on our technical and process competence, we have put together small start-up packages for getting to know and implementing individual blockchain pilot projects. We are also happy to support our customers in integrating our products into existing ERP applications.