E-invoice and digital transformation

Definition of e-invoice

The e-Invoice is the first step in the digital transformation. The definition of an e-Invoice is an invoice that has been digitally produced and electronically transported. This means that an email with a PDF showing a picture of an invoice is an electronic invoice.

For a company that processes its invoices automatically, it is irrelevant whether it has to scan an image from an email or an invoice on paper.


In times of the DSGVO it is at least questionable to send invoices via email, apart from that it also seems questionable if companies protect their trade secrets like suppliers, customers, product prices, purchase prices, conditions and more against public access via firewall and then write the same information into a publicly visible email system.

The complete e-invoicing process starts with document creation.

We help our customers to convert their suppliers to structured e-invoices. Invoicing costs for suppliers are reduced by more than 90% compared to paper, and the cost of invoice processing for our customers tends towards zero.

Wir helfen unseren Kunden, ihre Lieferanten auf strukturierte E-Rechnungen umzustellen. Die Kosten für die Rechnungserstellung reduzieren sich für die Lieferanten im Vergleich zu Papier um mehr als 90%, und die Kosten für die Rechnungseingangsverarbeitung unserer Kunden tendiert gegen Null.

Document Creation

In order to be able to guarantee the end-to-end digital invoicing process, we provide tools for e-invoicing.


For smaller companies a single-user version is available as a virtual printer driver, for larger companies a document server.

Transport and Archive

The transport layer in the difacturo system is also the archive.

Transport and Archiv

The invoice creator, the invoice recipient and the hash value of the document are specified in an unchangeable transaction.

Connection to ERP systems

Connectors are available for the most important ERP systems.

Business Connector

ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide Forum elektronische Rechnungen Deutschland) with embedded XML is used as the invoice format to comply with VAT legislation.